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Although Belarusians are the dominant ethnic group in the country, the culture includes people of various ethnicities such as Lithuanians, Poles, Ukrainians, Russians, Jews, and Tartars. The richness and blend of the culture reflects the complexity of ethnic interactions that have been taking place in this region for hundreds of years.

Archaeological research indicates that at the mouth of Vitba there were settlements by Baltic tribes , which were replaced in the 9th century by Slavic tribes Krivichs . According to the Chronicle of Michael Brigandine (1760), Vitebsk (also known mentioned as Dbesk, Vidbesk, Videbsk, Vitepesk, Vitbesk) was founded by Princess Olga of Kiev in 974. Other versions give 947 or 914. Academician Boris Rybakov and historian Leonid Alekseyev, based on the chronicles, have come to the conclusion that Princess Olga of Kiev could have established Vitebsk in 947. Leonid Alekseyev suggested that the chroniclers, moving the date from the account of the Byzantine era (since the creation of the world) to a new era, got the year 947, but later mistakenly written in copying manuscripts 974. an important place on trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks , by the end of the 12th century Vitebsk became a center of trade and commerce, became the center of an independent principality , following Polotsk, and at times, Smolensk and Kiev princes.

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About Belarus

Belarus, in Eastern Europe is a landlocked nation. It has Russia in the northeast, Latvia and Lithuania in the northwest, Poland in the west and Ukraine in the south. The name Belarus is by all means derived from its middle ages geographic designation ‘White Russia’ Though Belarusians are the major ethnic group in Belarus, the other ethnic groups include Russians, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Tartars, Poles and Jews. This wonderful blend has resulted in a rich national culture.

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Dating minsk belarus

Dating minsk belarus